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The process


A cutting or vitro plant is produced or purchased. Then the plant is fully automatically potted or placed in a container field outside or in a greenhouse. Everything depends on the season, the weather conditions or the goals to be achieved with the plant.


Depending on the crop, some plants move outside, others to the greenhouse.

Some plants start outside and then continue to grow inside; others follow the reverse motion.

Roots, leaves and stems start their growth spurt. This vegetative growth is the most important stage in the whole process. It is now that the crop is formed and its thickness and size are determined.


During the growing process, the sapling receives adequate light, water, fertilizer, air and is well cared for.

Trimming / pruning

Depending on the crop, the plant is pruned. Not every plant needs to be topped or thinned. Pruning is done to achieve certain goals in terms of length and diameters.

Flower bud formation

The bud formation has to happen during a certain period of the year. For the products we grow, that is not during the winter period, because the plant needs light to stimulate the bud formation. The bud develops in the fall to flower in the spring. To go from vegetative growth to generative, fertilizers are adjusted.

Preparing for delivery

Some plants first go into cold storage to be conditioned in the best circumstances. Then they go to the warm greenhouse, where we can control their flowering more easily. This ensures that we can deliver the plants in bloom. Before they are picked up, the plants are watered, the pots are washed and the labels are sealed. In other words, everything is done to make the plant as attractive as possible so that the customer is convinced and proceeds to make a purchase.


Plants are placed in CC carts or in boxes with a plant tray, ready for transport. Transportation is done in cooperation with our logistics partners.

Ready for transport!
Minder pesticiden voor gezondere planten


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