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About us

Born between the Azaleas Indica

In 1968, Etienne Leybaert grew the first Azaleas Indica under the name Leybaert. In 1999, thirty years later, Tom took over from his father. Tom inherited a mature plant nursery known for producing Azaleas. He used that experience to further grow the family business by expanding its offerings to include other quality indoor and outdoor plants such as Rhododendrons, the Agapanthus, Nandina, Vaccinium and the Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii, among others.

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"We produce every day with the utmost care. Our plants are our babies."

Azalea mollis

The reference in indoor and outdoor plants

Leybaert is Tom Leybaert, his wife Mieke and a whole team of driven employees who are committed to producing the best quality plants in a sustainable way.

As a specialist in mixed ornamental plant cultivation, the plant nursery from Moerbeke is strongly focused on the production of different crops that complement each other well.

Leybaert, that is 28 hectares of land and glass surfaces, on which more than 3.5 million plants are grown annually.

Azalea StarStyle

My Goodness: the consumer brand of Leybaert

Leybaert sells its quality products to wholesalers at home and abroad. 95% of our production crosses the border and ends up in distribution points in more than 20 EU countries.

To give our products a face and a name, in 2020 we chose to launch our own brand name: My Goodness. In the range of My Goodness you will find Azaleas Indica, Rhododendrons, the Nandina Domestica, Vaccinium Corymbosum and many other beautiful indoor and outdoor plants. All plants are also offered as ‘white label’.

My Goodness

Breeding Rhododendron

In 2013 we started our own breeding program in Rhododendron together with Raf Goossens BV. Our mission is to develop an innovative assortment with environmental added value. The focus is therefore on the creation of disease-resistant and cold-tolerant cultivars, grown in a sustainable manner. The cooperation between the two companies is an example of joining forces and capitalizing on each other’s strengths. Recently this breeding project has been accommodated in a new R&D branch called “Plusbreeding”.

Breeding is a long-term process, but we are proud to present our first 2 innovations soon. We continue to expand our breeding activities, which will result in more new creations in the future.


Respect for what nature gives us

Leybaert continually invests in environmentally friendly solutions and is committed to sustainable cultivation. With more than 800 square meters of solar panels and a water-saving basin with a capacity of approximately 14 million liters, the plant grower maintains a progressive business operation that translates into huge water and energy savings. In addition, Leybaert is MPS-GAP, GRASP and GGN certified, and all requirements of the Vlaams Milieuplan Sierteelt are met.

More about sustainability

"Leybaert guarantees the quality we promise our customers. From order to delivery, everything is organized to perfection."

Hanne De Ruyter


We raise your plants in the best possible conditions

Leybaert may not yet be included in the ‘best places to work’ list, but we still profile ourselves as a great place to work. And we don’t just claim that. Feel free to ask any of our employees. All employees – from the sales manager to the order planner, workers and administrative staff – share a love of green, of nature, of people, but especially of plants. With and in nature, surrounded by like-minded souls and imbued with the Leybaert DNA: a job at Leybaert is inspiring and gives you oxygen. We are also very welcoming to young people who want to come and do their internship here.

Come take root in our company!

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