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You only get a sustainable product through a sustainable production process. Leybaert makes the necessary daily efforts to continue to guarantee the quality of its plants.

Water recovery: every drop of water is used multiple times

We make the most of every drop of water and rain. Leybaert is equipped with a gigantic water-saving basin capable of buffering up to 14 million liters of water. In winter, we capture every raindrop that comes from our fields and greenhouses. When summer arrives, we use the water to irrigate the plants. Every drop that is not absorbed by the plant is reused after a thorough UV disinfection.

Our solar systems cover up to 70% of energy consumption

With some 800 square meters of solar panels on the roofs of the greenhouses of our plant nursery, we also make the most of every ray of sunlight. Every kilowatt hour we generate is used both to drive the production process and to provide energy for our offices. The photovoltaic solar panels cover up to 70% of our total electricity consumption.

Fewer pesticides for healthier plants

One of the conditions for delivering a healthy and quality plant is that the plants can grow up in the most advantageous conditions. Therefore, Leybaert uses only those active substances that have the least impact on the environment. Also, in the field of fertilizers, the nursery applies the strict standards and requirements established by MPS, among others.

Leybaert: a certified plant grower

Due to our continuous efforts to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, we have been proud holders of the MPS A+ label for years. The label is a qualification that indicates that Leybaert is among the frontrunners with the best environmental performance. With MPS-ProductProof, Leybaert also proves that the plants in its assortment are grown as pure as possible with an eye for sustainable crop protection. Leybaert also boasts MPS-GAP, GRASP and GGN. This means that the nursery makes extra efforts in the areas of traceability, personnel policy, sustainability, safety, and hygiene.


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