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Breaking news: Agapanthus by De Wet Plant Breeders confirmed to flower for over 100 days!

We are thrilled to announce that the flowering period of Agapanthus varieties by De Wet Plant Breeders has been officially confirmed to last for a staggering three months. This groundbreaking revelation comes after an extensive assessment conducted by Royal Flora Holland, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

Compared to the standard Agapanthus, which typically blooms for a maximum of 35 days, the varieties developed by De Wet Plant Breeders showcase an exceptional ability to flourish for an extended period. As if that’s not enough, all varieties thrived in planters during the patio tests and received much credit for their extraordinary pot performance.

A significant breakthrough

This confirmation is a significant breakthrough. Agapanthus by De Wet Plant Breeders has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities, and now, with the official confirmation of an extended flowering period, its position as a top choice in ornamental plants is further solidified.

Game-changers within not just the Agapanthus, but the ornamental assortment that undoubtedly do the aptly chosen name Everpanthus® credit.

Flowering Period Assessment

The assessment process began on May 12, 2023, when Plantipp delivered six varieties of Agapanthus by De Wet Plant Breeders to the test centre at Royal Flora Holland. These plants underwent rigorous testing, including dark transport simulation and exposure to outdoor sales conditions. The final phase involved re-potting them into a 15-litre pot and monitoring their progress until September 20, 2023.

Throughout this comprehensive evaluation, various aspects of the plants were meticulously analysed. These included assessing the number of good umbels, determining shelf life, evaluating the ornamental value of the leaves, and most importantly, measuring the flowering period. The data collected revealed an astonishing finding – all six varieties showcased an average flowering time of over 112 days. This means that from the moment these Agapanthus plants bloom, they will continue to display their vibrant flowers for a full three months.

Other assessments

Royal Flora Holland also evaluated other crucial factors related to Agapanthus by De Wet Plant Breeders. The number of good umbels was recorded to measure overall health and quality. Shelf life – crucial in determining freshness during storage and transportation – was also carefully observed.

Moreover, special attention was given to the patio pot performance and the ornamental value of the leaves. Agapanthus plants are not only admired for their stunning flowers but also for their attractive foliage. As such, factors such as colour, texture, and overall appearance were considered during the assessment.

With their stunning blooms and unprecedented three-month flowering period, Agapanthus by De Wet Plant Breeders continues to captivate plant enthusiasts around the globe.

Plantipp Agapanthus Report

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